Our website is in mostly in Danish but we would like to briefly introduce you to how you can experience icelandic horses here at Stutteri Amhøj (horse stud farm) and ecologic young jersey bulls at Møllemosegård.

We are a family of three generations living on two farms in close proximity. From our farm houses we have a fantastic view overlooking the Nørreå river valley and Fussing lake and we cultivate our fields ecologically.

At Stutteri Amhøj we have almost 100 icelandic horses, large stables with separate horse booths, more than 20 mares with foals in the free and a large indoor riding course for training and riding lessons. At Møllemosegård we raise ecologic young jersey bulls for slaughter.

rideferie på islandske heste
turridning østjylland, teambuilding med heste

Icelandic Horses

We have been breeding Icelandic horses for almost 30 years and we emphasize that our Icelandic horses are calm and stable riding horses for the whole family. We always have several Icelandic horses for sale – write us an e-mail to find out more.

islandske heste østjylland, turridning østjylland

Vacation apartments

We have three vacation flats and several double rooms – so please join us for a farm and riding vacation and enjoy our Icelandic horses. Here is an opportunity to have an active day filled with exciting experiences. You can partake in the daily chores with the horses, go for a ride in the forest, pad a foal and watch them play in the field, look for kittens or go for a walk and see the young jersey bulls grassing with a view to Fussing lake. And to finish of the day you can relax in the sauna or jump in our outdoor bubble bath with a glass of bubbles.

Spending your vacation with us you will have lots of time with the horses and be able to experience daily life in the stables. All our horses are checked upon daily in several fields, all located very scenically in the Nørreå river valley or in the vicinity of Fussingø.

The vacation flats can be rented with arrival Sunday after 12 pm and departure Saturday before 11 am. Bed linen, covers and towels are included in the price.

Accommodation prices

Your booking is confirmed when payment is completed.


Riding Tours

We offer guided riding tours for small groups of up to max 8 riders per group. This will give you a chance to experience our calm, gentle and safe tutorial- and tour horses in their natural environment.

The tours vary according to season and weather but we always attempt to include experiences special to the specific time of year – as for example a ride through the crops, in the enchanted forest or down to Fussing lake on our own land.

On tours of 1½ hour duration we spend approx. 1 full hour actually riding and on tours of 2½ hours duration the actually riding fills up approx. 2 hours.
Guided tours can be booked for both week days and weekends for a minimum number of participants of three persons.

In the case you would like to book a guided tours for only two persons the price for a tour of 1½ hour duration is 500 DKK (70€) per person.

At Amhøj we offer children an opportunity to have their first experience horseback riding. We lead the horse around the countryside by hand for up to one hour.

I you have any questions feel free to contact us.

CALL KIRSTINE: +45 29 92 95 82


Payment can be made to:
Sparekassen Kronjylland
Reg. no. 6232, account no. 0000113492

Foreign payment:
Swift code: KRONDK22
IBAN no.: DK2862320000113492

We do NOT take credit cards as ex. Visa, Master, AMEX or other.

You are always welcome to contact us via e-mail or mobile.
E-mail: Stutteriamhoj@gmail.com

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